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An Ode to Nature's Tranquility

amidst the radiance of the natural world

By Vicky TenthPublished about a year ago 1 min read
An Ode to Nature's Tranquility
Photo by Antonio Grosz on Unsplash

Where once a limpid pool did bask,

A site of lucidity and calm,

Of loveliness and serenity,

Now lies in shambles, quite the qualm.

Where once a rustic cabin stood,

A haven of seclusion and thought,

A domicile of introspection and scholarship,

Now lies in shambles, as if for naught.

In the tranquil hush of nocturnal hours,

The forest awakens with luminescent beams,

The celestial bodies shimmer overhead,

As the lunar orb exhales a gentle sigh of contentment.

The arboreal sentinels murmur mysterious whispers,

The cricket's melody a melodious cost,

The owls ululate and the foxes bay,

As the nocturnal fauna elicits a gentle incandescence.

The rivulet flows with a clear and sweet sound,

The evening warmth suffuses the atmosphere,

The zephyr carries a soothing timbre,

As the solar orb sinks and the nightfall is displayed.

The avian choir, their carol, sweet and lucid,

The music of my soul, I perceive,

The cervine, the lagomorph, the vulpine, and more,

Their presence, a boon I venerate

The forest, it is my haven, I am aware,

The answers I seek, they also reveal,

I ramble, I learn, and I thrive,

In the woods, I flourish and radiate.

The freedom to think, the freedom to be

The freedom to choose my destiny

Away from the material and mundane

I find peace and contentment again.

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