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The Heat of the Sun or the Heat in my Cheeks

a poem for anyone who has fallen in love with their best friend

By Canan DevorakPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Your Actions Prove that Love Comes from a Friend

Written for an Unnamed Friend

Though time and distance have kept us apart

I visit you a morning late in June

When I arrive, colliding with my heart

Is yours. They laugh, they cry, and talk till noon

Your parents drive us to an outdoor show

The sun: a weighted blanket on my back

But when my knees give out, my pressure low

Along you come to save me from the black

As you attend to me, I start to stare

Your hazel eyes and hands so gently mend

The cooling breeze is playing with your hair

Your actions prove that love comes from a friend

Although my heart will ache when leaving you

The pain is dwarfed by petals my lungs accrue

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About the Creator

Canan Devorak

I am an amalgamation of many things - some weigh me down while others lift me up - which makes me a mess. Yet, despite all odds, I am still here.

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    Canan DevorakWritten by Canan Devorak

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