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The Green-Eyed Monster

Envy's Embrace

By Ashik AliPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Green-Eyed Monster
Photo by Trude Jonsson Stangel on Unsplash

In shadows lurks a feeling deep,

Where envy wakes from silent sleep.

Its eyes, a shade of verdant hue,

Cast glances tainted, dark and true.

With whispers soft, it creeps unseen,

Through hearts and minds, a venom keen.

It coils around, a serpent's grip,

As bitterness begins to drip.

In every glance, in every word,

Its presence felt, though never heard.

It feeds on dreams, on hopes and fears,

And stains the soul with bitter tears.

Yet, in its grasp, we find no rest,

For jealousy is but a test.

To rise above, to conquer pride,

And cast the green-eyed monster aside.

So let us guard our hearts with care,

And banish envy's toxic snare.

For in its wake, we find no peace,

But only pain that will not cease.

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