The Greatest Love Story of All Time

The Sun and the Moon

The Greatest Love Story of All Time

My favorite love story is how the Sun loved the Moon so much, he died every night to let her breathe…

The Sun was a god of sorts. His light was so powerful it actually brought herbs to life and grew goods from the ground. Everyone, every day, came out to worship him.

The Moon was seen as a darkness. One that brought a cold presence to the world. Everyone hid in their homes when she rose.

The Moon craved to be seen. She wanted a breath of fresh air up in the midnight sky. She wanted to be loved.

Yet everyone admired the Sun. They sensed the warmth of his glow. They felt alive in his daylight.

But the Sun had a secret: he admired the Moon. He recognized her secrecy and fell for the way she was timid with herself. She hid parts of herself from the world that he knew the world would embrace.

They were opposite souls, the Sun and Moon. They were lovers who rarely met and always missed one another. Yet they both waited patiently for the rare days when they might coexist peacefully.

The Sun wanted to make his true love happy in his absence. He wanted to show the world what she had to offer.

He thought for weeks about how to give her the breath of air she wanted, leaving the world in a cloudy haze.

Finally he knew what he had to be done.

He sacrificed his light every night to shine on the Moon so she could be seen in all her beauty.

He gave up something he was admired for to let her shine.

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