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The Game of Trust

by Incipient Poet 3 years ago in sad poetry
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We don't play well together.

you know that game of trust,

one person falls and the other catches you?

It's not fun playing when that trust fails you.

we played, and failed time and again.

As I fell I glimpsed you watched me hit the ground before before berating me, "I wasn't ready, you should've caught yourself."

I would think to myself what I can do differently,

and try again.

I shout "falling" and then throw myself back.

My head hits the ground with a crack,

and you clench your fist

and tell me there's no need to be so assertive.

I walk toward the door and you tell me to try,

one more time.

So I fall and I slip between your fingers.

I pull myself back up as you push me down.

I say,

"I don't think you understand trust,

it is a two person game."

I pull myself up and step back.

And I hear you,

telling me all the reasons that caused you to drop me.

But I don't soak those words of blame and hate in,

because I'm walking out the door.

As I hear your voice dimming as I walk out into the world I realize,

trust isn't a game meant to be played with just anyone.

~Incipient Poet~

sad poetry

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