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The Forest Echoes Our Love.

Echoes Of A Lost Love

By Nono Fabrice Published about a month ago 1 min read
The Forest Echoes Our Love.
Photo by Md Samir Sayek on Unsplash

Love once flourished in the middle of the forests, beneath the canopy from which our souls were drawn.

Together, we strolled freely.

We rejoiced in the embrace of nature.

However, ominous clouds and growing murmurs

Our love is twisted, tearing us apart.

We became lost in the forests, the words we used to speak fading in the distance.

The sound of leaves rustling, a soft breeze,

Memories of a love, now echoed.

Deep within the trees, our love is hidden.

A melancholy symphony of cries of despair.

Still, I search among the woods, hoping to locate the place where love runs away.

But all I discover in the woods is suffering.

An irreplaceable affection that was gone.

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