The Forest

by Grace says hello about a year ago in nature poetry

When you think of the forest what comes to mind?

The Forest

When you think of the forest, do you think of pine trees?

Or the smell after a rain?

The deep rich smell of the earth?

Do you feel the wind blowing past you and the trees?

Do you feel the earth move way for your footprint?

Do you hear the birds singing, going about their lives?

Can you feel the sun's rays peeking through the thick canopy of pine limbs?

If you stand long enough you can hear the deer move in herds past you.

Feel the world around you without city life crowding your senses.

Perhaps, if life could calm down, if an opportunity arose, you could get back there.

Maybe you could feel it again.

Maybe you could hear the song of the wild forest.

Or maybe… maybe... it’s all just a dream.

nature poetry
Grace says hello
Grace says hello
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