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The Fool & The Liar

My First Mistake

By Mercedes ChavezPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Artist Unknown

I know you told everyone lies

But what you cannot deny

From day one

You were the first to say,

"I love you"

You threw dirt on my name

Two chances I gave

What a shame

You won't admit it

I was your first

Taught you everything you know

You tried so hard to keep us on the low

For so long you made me feel less than I was worth

You were such a mama's boy

You played me like a toy

Why I tried so hard to make things work

I will never know

I caught you in your lies

I laid out all the proof

Like the liar you are

You still tried to deny it all

And tried to convince me to stay

Leaving was the best decision I ever made

Not to throw shade

But I hope your new girl sees you for who you truly are.

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About the Creator

Mercedes Chavez

Come with me, lets go on an adventure together, see the world through my eyes, let me paint a picture with my words, I promise you will be able to feel what I felt the first time I experienced it. Love, sadness and everything in between.

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    Mercedes ChavezWritten by Mercedes Chavez

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