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The Everyday Magic

a love poem

By BuzuPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Everyday Magic
Photo by Joel Overbeck on Unsplash

Not in grand gestures, love's embers ignite,

But in the flicker of a shared morning light.

The steam from your coffee, a wispy embrace,

Mingling with mine, a silent, sweet space.

The crinkle of cereal, a symphony's beat,

As we spoon our way to a breakfast retreat.

The crossword we tackle, a team in disguise,

Unraveling clues with laughter in our eyes.

The worn path we take, hand brushing in hand,

A familiar route to a love-understood land.

These are the threads, the whispers untold,

The magic of everyday moments, worth more than gold.

For in the mundane, our love finds its hold,

A tapestry woven, a story unfolds.

love poems

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Verses sculpted from the heart, I'm a poet navigating emotions with ink-stained fingertips. Crafting tales that dance between reality and dreams, my words paint a symphony of feelings in the canvas of life. 📜✨ #PoetLife #Wordsmith

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