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The Joy of a Basket

sweet basketball poem

By BuzuPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Joy of a Basket
Photo by Stephen Baker on Unsplash

The ball, a honeyed sun, arcs high,

A silent prayer against the sky.

Muscles tense, a moment held,

Then through the net, the story's spelled.

A swish, a sigh, a joyous shout,

A weightless feeling, pure without

A single doubt, a single fear,

Just teammates close, and victory near.

Smiles like sunshine, faces bright,

A burst of light that cuts the night.

High fives erupt, a joyful sound,

One point, one win, on hallowed ground.

The echo lingers, sweet and warm,

A shared embrace, a passing storm

Of doubt now banished, hearts alight,

The joy of victory, pure delight.

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Verses sculpted from the heart, I'm a poet navigating emotions with ink-stained fingertips. Crafting tales that dance between reality and dreams, my words paint a symphony of feelings in the canvas of life. 📜✨ #PoetLife #Wordsmith

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