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The Eagle's Shadow: A Song of Nigeria's Economy

Naira's Rhythm, Hope's Refrain

By JudePublished 3 months ago 1 min read
The Eagle's Shadow: A Song of Nigeria's Economy
Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Beneath the eagle's sun-kissed wing,

A land of giants, dreams take wing.

Oil's rich bounty, a double-edged blade,

A promise of wealth, a future displayed.

Yet, the market whispers, a troubled refrain,

Inflation's hot breath, a searing pain.

Naira's value, on a restless tide,

The cost of living, a burden to hide.

Informal stalls, with vibrant array,

Fruits of the harvest, to chase hunger away.

But pockets grow thinner, with each passing day,

As dreams of prosperity, slowly fade away.

Innovation's fire, in youthful hearts burns,

Tech startups rising, like fields of green ferns.

Digital wallets, a future they weave,

To break free from chains, and learn to believe.

The land of Nollywood, stories untold,

Of resilience and hope, braver than gold.

With hands calloused, and spirits unbowed,

Nigeria whispers, "We'll rise from the cloud."

For beneath the surface, where shadows may lie,

A strength and a spirit, that cannot deny.

The rhythm of progress, a drumbeat so bold,

Nigeria's story, waiting to unfold.


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I write poems and explore the world of technology. Each experience adds a piece to my unique story.

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  • Manisha Dhalani3 months ago

    Very inspiring.

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