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The Dream of the Moon

It seemed so close, within reach

By Jamie JacksonPublished about a month ago 1 min read
The Dream of the Moon
Photo by Thula Na on Unsplash

In my dream, the moon was shining bright

A glowing orb in a dark inky night

It seemed so close, within reach

Hanging there like a silver peach

The man on the moon's glowing face

To touch and see what secrets I might embrace

So I flew through the air with abandon and glee

I was dreaming, for sure, above the trees

But as I came close, the moon did shift

Its surface rippled, like a crackling rift

I reached out my arm, but the moon was quick

It moved away, a sharp and slick

I chased the moon through the blackened sky

But it was always just out of reach of my

Outstretched hands so full of desire

But the moon was always one step higher

I closed my eyes and tried to mend

This dream, and then the moon did descended

It hung low in the sky, on invisible wings

And then, to my surprise, it started to sing

A chorus of voices, a cacophony

Rising up from the moon, a symphony

Hark the herald angels sang

Like a brass bell the universe rang

And then, just as suddenly, it was gone

The moon retreated, no more song

And I woke up, sweat on my skin

My mind still racing, my heart beating within

The waking day went on and I did too

Dawn gave way to day, evening and then night drew

But the memory of that dream still remained

My intimate moment with the moon ingrained

nature poetry

About the Creator

Jamie Jackson

Between two skies and towards the night.

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  • C. Rommial Butlerabout a month ago

    Well-wrought! I loved this so much! When I was young I used to lay on the hammock in my backyard and stare at the moon. The beams seemed to reach out to me, and I would try and grasp them in my hands and wish for things. This is so beautiful, I will add it to the comment section of my CREATION MYTH as an intro to your work!

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