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Alien vs Metallica

Uniting planets through music

By Jamie JacksonPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Alien vs Metallica
Photo by Hector Bermudez on Unsplash

Hello my little alien friend, please follow me,

To a place where thrash metal reigns supreme,

Metallica's playing tonight,

And of all the wonders, behold this sight!

The tribal crowd is one metal nation,

The air is thick with anticipation,

You'll never see anything like this on Mars,

Or in the inky black gaps between the stars.

My small alien friend is atop my shoulders,

His tiny ears and big black eyes, beholders,

He starts to headbang to a thrash riff,

He even starts to smoke a spliff!

His mission on earth now long forgotten,

His eyes are squinting, his hearing cotton,

His senses united in their love of thrash.

His head bobbing as white lights flash.

Metallica plays their greatest hits,

Before the show ups and quits,

And in a post-show tinnitus haze,

He says this one particular phrase.

"Rock!" he says then looks at the floor,

And pockets a pebble, and then two more,

"Rock!" I say pointing at the stage,

He nods, he smiles, he runs away.

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Jamie Jackson

Between two skies and towards the night.

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