The Days to Come

by Jordyn Rae 8 months ago in inspirational

Inspirational Poem

The Days to Come

For when the darkness sets in,

And you feel all alone.

You're lying there in bed,

Your heart heavy as a stone.

When your mind begins to race,

Your thoughts take off like fire.

Every inch of your being,

Is hurting for your desire.

The tears begin to fall,

One drop at a time.

You begin to wonder why,

Living feels like a crime.

The days to come look desolate,

Bleak, sad and grim.

Nothing to look forward to,

But a soul that's going dim.

Hope seems far away,

Happiness out of reach.

Depression is holding down on you,

Swallowing your spirit like a leech.

But there is one thing to remember,

On these days that are so blue.

Happiness can be found,

In almost everything you do.

So take some time right now,

And give this some thought.

Life is about the simple things,

Let's give it another shot.

Everyday can't be good,

But there can be good in every day.

Maybe reading your favorite book,

Or something nice someone may say.

Going for a morning walk,

The fresh air on your face.

Or lying on the cool grass,

Admiring the stars in space.

Cooking a glorious meal,

Or using your favorite mug.

It can even be as simple,

As a firm loving hug.

Regardless of what you choose to do,

The point I make is clear.

Happiness can seem so far away,

But really it is near.

So in the days to come,

Remember these words I wrote.

Take time to enjoy the little things,

For no life should end with a note.

Written by Jordyn Rae Yaskowich

Jordyn Rae
Jordyn Rae
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