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The Color in My Soul

by Rosanne Hauck 2 months ago in inspirational

By: Rosanne Hauck

The Color in My Soul

The idea of color seems so simple.

It's everywhere we look.

But how simple is it, really,

when you're not speaking of a book


or a picture or a drawing,

or an average box of crayons?

When speaking of the soul,

the idea of color becomes profound.


Brittanica says color is simply the range

of light that humans can see.

Oh, but some humans have narrow vision,

where color is blocked, and love is not free.


And that's the profoundness of color.

At least it was for me.

For I came from a world whose vision

kept color under lock and key,


It was a world of mostly darkness

where very little light came through.

Where color was shamed and hidden,

and acceptance was never true.


But even in the midst of the darkness,

I clung to a glimmer of light.

Protecting the color inside me

and holding on through every fight


so that when I finally broke free

and left the darkness behind,

I knew where to find my color.

And it was there, loving and kind.


So I spread it far and wide,

with passion for others to see.

But I also kept it close and deep,

in places that were just for me.


I branded it where hate used to live,

and covered the damage and blame

so that whenever I saw my reflection,

light and color covered the shame.


So now, no matter the time

or age or pain or strife,

No one can take my color from me

for it will follow me beyond this life.


And whenever I see a human

whose vision is less than whole,

I remind myself of my color

that lives inside my soul.

Rosanne Hauck
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