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The Captain

The Captain - Poem

By TestPublished about a year ago 1 min read


Captain, please rescue me from the region of darkness

Let us depart this dirty harbor with your ship

Let us venture into unfamiliar seas with sentiments we don't understand

Started singing the lines with the captain that had just met


All of a sudden the gas lamp started to burn intermittently

The captain was looking into the darkness of the water with a broken gas lamp

The light direction of the gas lantern, which went out at intervals, was attempting to show the captain something in the water

The captain avoided the kerosene lantern while waiting for the wind to pick up

For a brief period, the captain observed where the light was pointing.

The captain who had nightmares for a long time

The thing he noticed in the murky water caused him to freeze

The beast has surpassed its nightmares.

It prompted the skipper to return from the unknown waters to the only harbor in which he had faith.


The captain's inability to recuperate for a while was due to what he witnessed in the unexplored seas.

But a voice within him knew.

Why did he choose to be a captain?

He wished to return to the waves by repeating the original decision.Dear readers, if you want to support me, you can buy me coffee. Thanks for reading.


surreal poetrynature poetryinspirationalfact or fiction

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