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The Calm Repose

by Michael Blanco 2 years ago in art
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By Michael Blanco

A battle rages deep within me

Violent torrents that keep repeating

Though outward calm and peaceful feeling

Forces fighting none retreating

And I then wonder what's the meaning

Why my heart is cut and bleeding

Desperately I face a mirror

Reflecting well my outer figure

The calm repose of a heartless killer

And then I hear it, a faintly whisper

Words so cold I start to shiver

Madness truly my mind astray

And still these words of whispered stay

Echoing in my mind "go play!"

And thus this discourse I must obey

And oh! the battle that rages on

As time draws nearer; My face still calm

Should I go or is it wrong?!

This thing unsightly that seems so hard

That some oppose and others guard

This thing I speak of now as Bard

Alas again I go Amtgard


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Michael Blanco

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