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The Mad King

by Michael Blanco 2 years ago in performance poetry
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By Michael Blanco

The Mad King looks, the Mad King spies

The Mad King stares with Mad King eyes

Then up from throne he starts to rise

He calls the guards then someone dies

Paranoid he runs and hides

To the highest tower in darkened skies

There he sits and there he stares with Mad King eyes

Crazed and mad he shakes. No fears.

Just eyes of madness wide with tears

All alone in that tall dark tower

The Mad King snarls "I want more power"

Then out the tower he stares below

As he grits his teeth and repeats real slow

"I want more power" In a voice that's low

Then the darkened skies begin to rain

Louder now his words insane

"I want more power" he barks again

Then with nails long; Grotesque

He slams his fist on his nearby desk

And coins of gold, stacked up high

Fall out the window and learn to fly

Now intensely his eyes now glow

And a crooked smile then starts to grow

And he screams at the people that stare from below

"I want more power!" Just so they know...

Then he turns and he walks back down the stairs

Back to his throne and his Mad King affairs

performance poetry

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Michael Blanco

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