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The struggle

By T.H.Published 6 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read

I thought it would be easy

I thought I was strong

but then it continues to come along.

I feel so defeated

I don't understand

I feel so alone

It's pretty unknown

The depression is real

others know that feel,

But every three weeks

it leaves a streak

wondering inside am I really that meek?

All I can do is continue to seek,

the light within that drowns out the dark

ignoring that inner, hateful bark.

Oh yeah caffeine makes it worse

Damn, it feels like a curse.

I ate a bunch of cheese

is that really it? Oh please!

Is this a struggle that last forever

I really hope not it needs to be over.

I know there's a light

but feels im loosing sight

I just want to cry

Yet, im so dry

this is so dumb

maybe im going numb.

sad poetry

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I’m just me, I don’t really write a lot,not that great at it, but sometimes I enjoy it. :)

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