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The Bachelor

Comforts of Reality TV

By Kimberly HindsPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read

fame seeker, dreamer, lover, suitor, friend or foe

long time singleton, hopeful Romeo

a TV world so far removed from my own


dating, courting, competing, racing to stand alone

with this man, this game, this match

theatrical catfighting, he's my Bach-

elor, no he's mine


cloak and dagger, blood and thunder

sequined gowns, champagne and wonder


here i am fixed to the screen, to the weekly drop of anarchy

hooked like a snag in a coat


the show is sustaining me



i forget about the banal and mundane

the school drop offs and the dishes

the annual date i drag my husband to

exhausted, kind and familiar


i am absorbed and cloaked in comfort

living the hysteria, commotion and enchantment.

love poems

About the Creator

Kimberly Hinds

A New Zealand-based freelance writer living in Auckland, New Zealand, and author of many emails. Graduate of Massey University Journalism School, and lover of empty calories and overpriced oriental cats.

Blogs at www.mundane2friday.com

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