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The Almighty Sandwich

It's the little things that matter

By Simon GeorgePublished 3 months ago 1 min read
The Almighty Sandwich
Photo by Sara Cervera on Unsplash

Butter me up and sandwich me with love

We may have no money, but fun we must

Find joy in simple, for the boy I am

Making food from hand as good as one can

Whatever there is, we make do

Nothing complex for creatures like me or you

Potato crisps, bananas, or jam

Not every person can afford ham

Leftover mess is the next day blessed

Christmas sandwiches are the best

Turkey, stuffing, and pigs rolled in blankets

This is my ode to the everyday sandwich

Hungry for the munchies, soft bread or crunchie

In a hurry or rush, sandwich prep is no fuss

Perfect for picnics, ball games and road trips

Loaves, rolls, patties or buns

All types of sandwiches, different types of fun

Wrapped, stacked, and stuffed in a backpack

Butty, batty, bap, down the hatch

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, a sandwich is a winner

Brown, white or rye, whatever catches your fancy

An everyday sandwich is all fine and dandy

If love is a fool, then I’m an idiot for a sandwich

Call me crazy, but there’s nothing better than a good ole sandwich

By Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash


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Simon George

I write poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. In 2021, I published my debut book "The Truth Behind The Smile" a self-help guide for your mental health based on my personal experience with depression. Go check it out.

IG: @AuthorSimonGeorge

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Comments (2)

  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock3 months ago

    Don't forget the "moist-maker"--& if you should happen to swipe it from the refrigerator at work, don't even think of throwing part of it away. Ross will lose it, even with Rachel to help calm him down. Sandwiches were a staple for us growing up, too.

  • Paschal Mmesoma3 months ago

    I really love this 🙂 please can we be friends I want to get more insight on writing. I anticipate your reply. This is my IG paschal_xez

Simon GeorgeWritten by Simon George

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