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That unknown voice within us.

This short poem is dedicated to all the lives in order to let them know that there's something dying inside a painful death which is endless unlike the deaths that we could see today through our eyes and which needs to be saved before it's too late. This is dedicated to people in order to prioritise their emotions, thoughts before any other materials and let that dying thing be nurtured with what it needs by the respective self. Sounds selfish, but you need to be it, because we need you and you need your heart that's drowning somewhere deep being stuffed with unwanted knowledge and thoughts without your knowledge. Lots of positivity towards your way!

By ShamreenaPublished about a year ago 1 min read
That unknown voice within us.
Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

On an eve, which wasn’t quite fine,

Positioning myself in a floral garden just to recall those words of spine,

About which I was of opinion that it’s invalid, but no, now I can’t.

For I descended from that line of thought,

And almost done in persuading this poor fruitless self;

That existence had nothing to match with,

For every life of living and non-living had a purpose unlike mine.

A blow of sound just like a shot got to be held by my ears,

“save me” that blow says.

I looked around to witness who is in danger,

So that I can succor.

No sapiens spotted;

Songs of skylarks in air wholehearted;

Moths sucking nectar from calotropis;

Murmuring marigolds, showcasing their pullulated appearance;

Tadpoles swimming in a tiny stream;

Sun hugged sunflowers merely warm;

Little did I know that the origin of voice was within my self,

Until I got same blow of it again.

The heart to my soul with a soothing timbre,

“Will you consider a person is of no purpose,

If he looks around to be aware of who is dying out there;

When he is already been dying inside?

If he considers lives of the bodies other than his own?

By all means, he is purposeless one.

For he isn’t concerned about me”.

Clueless me had nothing to do but just to have a blow of realization,

That there’s something within all the lives on universe,

Whose voice is longing to be heard;

Whose invisible appearance needs to be viewed;

And who must be looked after with all the might by the respective self

Just like that self looks out for the bodies other than its own.

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