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That Hope

Here's a poem I wrote about hope and what it feels like to me when it's gone.

By ELIJAH M.Published 7 years ago 1 min read

That one thing called hope

It sends ur mind to somewhere remote

Where little kids play and lovers a lop

That’s satisfaction in your mind

That makes you want to hit rewind

To relive those memories

To bring back that hope

To get that bitter that bitter taste out of your mind

Because you just lost it

It just fell

You kept it close

Never really leaving it alone

But you now that it’s gone

It’s has faded away

That hope

That once sat in your stomach

That hope

That once let you fall asleep

Is no more

And now it filled with anger

Because that’s you

That’s your soul now

A dark hole

A dark heart

That’s you wish it wouldn’t play on repeat

But it does and it’s there

Over and over

The anger reminds you of itself when you listen to your heart beat

It reminds you of itself when your lover rest on your chest

Its their to taunt you

To literally make you want to die

It’s there everyday

And everyday you want to cry

And you will remember it

Until one day where there’s peace

That day where your love ones are gathered to remember your name

That’s the day the anger will stop

And only maybe will you have a sense of hope

sad poetry

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    ELIJAH M.Written by ELIJAH M.

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