This poem is about how technology is changing the way we communicate and write out our thoughts.


12:42 o'Clock.

I can't sleep.

Monsters are under my bed,

And in my head.

The Internet changes the way I write.

No more searching for a pen and paper.

It even corrected my grammar and spelling.

I miss my imperfections.

And bad flower drawings.

I miss the fingerprints,

And ink smudges.

I miss the smell of my blood running through the ink,

And on to my paper.

But this is no ordinary world.

We are plugged into super technology at all times.

Computers know our every thought.

We can't even sit down and have a conversation in person with each other anymore.

We are all mindless drones.

I don't like how technology changes the way we read books.

I want to smell my book and feel the pages.

I want a physical item, not a file.

I don’t want to read a book on a computer screen.

If we don't adapt,

We are left behind.

We become obsolete.

Like an old typewriter.

I was never a mindless drone.

Yet I wrote this poem on my phone.

I typed each word using only one finger.

My spelling errors were fixed the second I hit the space key.

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