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Taylor Swift

and the songs that I relate to as a creative person.

By Jeremy WhitePublished about a month ago 1 min read
Taylor Swift
Photo by Chaz McGregor on Unsplash

Let's talk about two songs on

Taylor Swift's new album

That I can really relate

To as a creative person.

The first is thanK you aIMee.

She talks about all the pain

And hurt Kim caused

And put her through.

She is also thanking her.

She would not be where she is

Without her.

How many of us as writers

Or whatever your creative

Outlet is have experienced

Something like this.

I certainly have.

Bad things make great art.

If I had not went through

The experiences I have had

My writing would be different.

In my opinion it most likely

Would not be as good

Because the emotions would

Either be different or

Not there at all.

The line that gets me

Every time is

“There’s a moment of truth

That there wouldn’t be this

If there hadn’t been you”

The other song I want

To talk about

Is The Manuscript.

This song is perfect.

It was the perfect

Way to end the album.

It also sums up art.

Specifically for writing

In the line

“The professor said to

Write what you know

Looking backwards

Might be the only

Way to move forward.”

The last line is art.

“But the story

Isn’t mine anymore.”

When we release

Are writing or whatever

Medium it is

It is not ours anymore.

It is the audience.

It is theirs to interpret

It how they want.

These are the two songs

I wanted to talk about.

There is one more I

Didn’t include which is

I can do it with a broken heart.

If you have any thoughts

On that song

Leave them in the comments.

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About the Creator

Jeremy White

I am from a small town. I have grown up surrounded by woods. I love to Write. I started out with poems. I did not start writing stories until I joined vocal. Writing stories is really fun. I have a Bachelors in Psychology.

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Comments (2)

  • Manisha Dhalani30 days ago

    "Bad things make great art." - Indeed.

  • I'm a hugeeeee Swiftie but unfortunately, I've not found the time to listen to all the songs on TTPD yet. Loved your poem!

JWWritten by Jeremy White

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