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Slowly I pull away at the threads of your tapestry, unravelling your tale,

As your memories come loose stitch by stitch, I watch and listen to see what they entail.

So much pain and fear is painted and scrawled all over your canvas,

The tightness in your chest increasing as you recollect disturbing thoughts leaving you anxious.

One by one the memories and stories begin to tumble forth collecting momentum and speed,

The cuts and needlepricks from weaving them into this tapestry open, now that they are being revisited and once again bleed.

And although no word is spoken nor a single letter heard,

The sorrow, anguish and pain is all depicted through your written word.

Such a troubling past riddled with affliction and distress, yet never by your own free will or choice,

Confining yourself to a black, dark coffin within your mind and slowly losing your voice.

A childhood destroyed by the greed, petulance and selfishness by those whose priority should have been to protect you,

The impact of their words and actions piercing your very being and soul leaving you askew.

The sentiments emanating from you filled with vehemence and pure, righteous rage,

Not only do they know crawl within your coffin inside, escaped, they now roam free, from a cage.

And as more of this tapestry unfurls and your past’s secrets are laid out for all to see and bare,

Only one single at thought drifts across my mind, “How did fate predestine this for you and and place you on a path so unfair?”

Why are you depicted on your tapestry as a lamb being led to the slaughter?

Why does not one person question it or for a moment even falter?

The emotional scars of your previous and ongoing battles crisscrossing your your soul and cutting so deeply,

The chains of your heartache and pain dragging you down, never setting you free.

And although your tapestry is interwoven with golden thread and images of memories of better days,

The flames of the destructive behaviour of those towards you leaves them charred and ablaze.

And just as you think the worst has come to pass and that from here on it will be plain sailing and memories filled with light,

The next chapter of the tale on your tapestry leaves you petrified in a state of fear and quivering in fright.

Your innocence, trust and tenderness robbed of you by bandits through no fault of your own,

As you continue to this day to sow this accursed crop of depression, anxiety and self doubt that you haven’t sown.

Left on a farm to harvest a fruit of despair, to fill a cornucopia with weeds and expected to be sustained with,

As the level of your grief, torture and torment comparable to Shakespearean tragedies rises to the level of a myth.

Your tapestry now wet by the tears streaming from your eyes and congregating upon your life’s fabric,

The tales now told fill the mind and imagination forcing them to be real, every detail, every word so graphic.

Your agony so true and terrifying to even imagine, let alone to be held upon your shoulders or your tiny back,

As the penny drops and I come to the realisation that you have suffered this burden in solitude, all alone, constantly dragging your baggage behind you in a sack.

And although these events have occurred long before I was graced to know your face, to hear the song of your voice or to learn your name,

I hold myself strangely and solely responsible for the sorrow, anguish and pain you feel, I am the culprit, the sinner, I am to blame.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there to shield you or to protect you from all of these events and have you live in ease,

I’m sorry I wasn’t there to whisk you away from these Turkish dramas and keep entact your innocence and inner peace.

I’m sorry that you now fear to love or let people come close to your heart,

I’m sorry that you fear all will be lost and no-one will notice you in life’s play acting your part.

I wish I could have been there as a life jacket, wrapped around you to keep you from going under,

I wish I could have prevented and destroyed all that cast your trust and heart asunder.

I have one wish, which is to embrace you in my arms and to never let go,

To let time run it’s course and pass us by, not caring if we’re “slow”.

To harbour you in my bosom so no-one can ever again hurt you in any way, shape or form,

To stitch together new memories upon your tapestry and repair what has been torn.

So as the tears meander and stream down my cheek,

I promise to try and alleviate your pain and make your future much less bleak.

To cherish and adore you no matter what in life may come,

To always be by your side on your tapestry, your support and never run.

Steven Shakir
Steven Shakir
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