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Sylvan Glades

MyHeart's Peace

By Margaret DraperPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

I slowly turn the key. The radio stops.

Muscles relax, tension leaves my body.

Thoughts, like falling leaves, slowly settle down.

Opening the truck's door latch, I step outside.

Breathing deeply, crisp air enters my lungs.

The breeze carries the scent of earth and wood.

Stately, majestic pines wave in greeting.

Unworried, bees visit bright, vibrant flowers.

Warm heat from the sun floods my face and soul.

The rat race is a forgotten memory.

My feet step on pliant loam, like carpet.

Blueberries entice me with sweet flavor.

A small woodpecker taps out his rhythm.

Monetary pursuit has no meaning in here.

Looking around me, I am filled with calm.

Peace completes me like a key in a lock.

My petty fears and cares are forgotten.

In this copse, I am renewed and made whole.

nature poetry

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