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Swimming In The Ocean Of Words

A Poem About Writing Poetry For My 1960th Story

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 15 days ago β€’ 2 min read
Image by Mike Singleton from Pixabay

I wanted to write a poem for this but the subject I chose I had already covered many times. I am very wary of repeating myself and then I started thinking from the twenty-six letters and ten numerical digits we can create millions of words that we can weave into sentences to create a tapestry of stories to share with our friends and people that we care for.

So I thought I would do an epic (for me) poem. The format will be a series of quatrains with an ABAB rhyme format and ten syllables per line and will consist of a few hundred words.

At this moment in time that is is only plan that I have for this. I had been tempted to try an Inverse poem, but I have decided to challenge myself on this.

The music is "Polyghost" by Bonobo

An Oddysey On An Ocean Of Words


Looking Out From The Shore On This Ocean

I Am Very Scared To Push Out My Boat

I Know That I Must Leave My Docking Station

And Very Soon My Start Will Be Remote


Sailing Off Into This Ocean Of Words

The Inspiration Of My Muse With Me

To Become Immersed In Currents And Curls

On Our Way Through A Literary Sea


Here Is The Sea Where Homer Found His Words

Iliad, Oddysey Caught In His Nets

Scylla And Charybdis, Sirens And More

Helen Of Troy, And Greeks In The Gods' Debt


We Sail And We Swim, Engulfed By Letters

With Which We Can Weave Wondrous Sentences

Mermaids And Selkies, Creatures That Matter

So We Can Create Truth And Pretences


William Shakespeare Sailed These Waters Well

And Brought Us Many Great Plays And Sonnets

Shall I Compare Thee, Venus On The Shell

The Scottish Play, Winter's Tale And Hamlet


All That You Read, In Books And Newspapers

Magazines, Pamphlets, Writers You Admire

All Of Them Come From These Wordly Waters

Brought Forth To You By These Weavers Of Words


So Let Us Dive In, See What We Can Find

Some Of Us Explore Far Darker Waters

Mary Shelley Gave Us Her Frankenstein

Dracula Flew From The Pen Of Stoker


This Sea Is Home To Every God And Myth

Every Mystical Being And Creature

Waiting To Be Freed By The Author's Whim

Within The Tale Whereby They Will Feature


Beckett Made Us Wait So Long For Godot

Charles Dickens Subjected Us To Hard Times

Oscar Wilde, Sacred By The Canterville Ghost

Edgar Allen Poe, Doman Of Arnheim


So Now We Are Sailing With These Writers

On This Great Ocean Of Words And Stories

To Make Everyone's Future Much Brighter

With The Words We Find For Future Glories


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Mike Singleton - Mikeydred

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Comments (9)

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran14 days ago

    This was such a wonderful tribute! You did a fantastic job on this!

  • John Cox14 days ago

    MIke, this is a wonderful poem that truly feels epic. I loved the interplay of myth with great authors from Homer to Poe. Great work!

  • Such a tribute to the weavers of words. Let us be set adrift among them.

  • Hayley Matto14 days ago

    What a fun celebration of your 1960th and an homage to some of the greats & inspo!

  • Mother Combs15 days ago

    Nice, very well put together, very enjoyable to read. <3

  • Enoyed the ocean metaphor and the positivity in this one! Thanks Mike!

  • Cathy holmes15 days ago

    Well now. This is great, my friend. Well done.

  • Sahib ali15 days ago

    That’s awesome 😍

  • Anna 15 days ago

    That's beautiful!! I loved it a lot!

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