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Sweet Surrender

Surrendering to the Power of Love

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the depths of my soul,

There's a yearning to let go,

To release all my control,

And surrender to the flow.

A sweet surrender to love,

A feeling so pure and true,

A moment that I'm in awe of,

As I let my heart renew.

My fears and doubts fall away,

As I give in to the beat,

And I let the music play,

As I move with graceful feet.

A sweet surrender to passion,

As I lose myself in desire,

My heart and soul now fashion,

As my love sets my heart on fire.

In the quiet of the night,

I let my heart take flight,

As I surrender to the light,

And let my soul take delight.

A sweet surrender to life,

As I give in to the unknown,

And I let go of all strife,

As I find my way back home.

In the arms of my love,

I find a sweet surrender,

A bond that's pure and above,

A love that will always remember.

Sweet surrender, my heart sings,

As I let go of all the pain,

And I spread my wings,

To fly higher and love again.

Watch my hot vidoes

Watch my hot vidoes

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