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sunshine on closed eyes

Poetry Month Prompt #2

By Kiersten WeldonPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 1 min read

your tiny fingers and tiny toes

will soon become as big as mine

the way you laugh and scrunch your nose

will one day be an unimpressed sigh


your love for coloring becomes a passion for art

your fairytale stories give way to new fears

someday, someone will break your heart

and it won't be so easy to dry your tears


you'll no longer want to hold my hand

or curl up with me on the couch before bed

dreams of freedom and newfound visions

of a life after this one will soon fill your head


but please take your time and enjoy every moment

cherish the good ones and grow from the bad

just remember the feeling of sunshine on closed eyes

and all of the best days that we ever had.


This poem was written for the Writer's Digest April 2024 PAD Challenge for Day 2. (All prompts can be found here.)

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About the Creator

Kiersten Weldon

My brain is where most of my stories go to die. Whatever survives will end up here. Eventually.

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  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    It is very cute

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