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Summer Preparedness

Summer is near and all my insecurities are back but this year is different.

By Frida Ramos They/herPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Summer Preparedness
Photo by Monika Kozub on Unsplash

Hot girl summer is near.

My hands gripping my love handles as I look in the mirror.

Diets, workouts, perfect models.

This year, no different to others,

Feels like an endless chase for unrealistic standards.

Envious of people's perfect bodies,

not realizing that they too suffer from a hurtful society.

Natural bodies marked as undesirable.

Body dysmorphia normalized.

Breast implants, lip fillers, lipo suctions.

So many profitable options.

Every mirror I pass, a reminder of an unhealthy obsession.

Hesitantly, I look at my reflection.

A ten year old version yearning for acceptance.

So many years of self-hate.

Tired of repeating judgmental phrases

Engraved into my mind by kids who were made to think

That perfection was attainable by being fake.

With a newfound love, looking at myself one more time,

I make a vow, to all the versions of myself,

To love our body and strive for authenticity.

Swapping judgmental stares for loving glances and

Hurtful words for positive affirmations.

You are beautiful.

You are natural.

You are more than just a standard.

Stretch marks, bikinis, crooked tan-lines and laughter.

Summer time is here

Self-acceptance year


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