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I am Who I am

The colors of me.

By Frida Ramos They/herPublished 2 years ago Updated 8 months ago 1 min read

I am who I am

I am the color of the rainbow after a dark gloomy sky

Grey clouds, rain drops coating green grass fields, nothing dry

Somber skies turned bright as the sun rays peak through the clouds

There I appear along the sky, cushioned by pillows of white fog

Reds, yellows, blues and violets brushed over my eyes

I am who I am

Paint on a pallet unsure of what I'll become

Brushed in and out of reality, mistake after mistake, All my colors combine

As watercolors do, I seep through each of my layers

I am who I am

Red wine, amber horizon lines, murky green waves crash by my side

Blue skies covered in white cotton, cool sand dances with my toes

Tan lines across my body, cheek bones blushed red, kissed by sun rays

Wondering what it would be like to fly

I am who I am

Short brown hair, eyes like a bowl of honey

Short brown hair, hazel green eyes like a forest in July

Looking my way, Mesmerized, locked in your stare, stunning.

In love with the way you look at me, I feel like I could fly, I feel alive

I see myself through your eyes and I see that you love me


I am who I am

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Frida Ramos They/her

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