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Sturgeon Moon

Summer Night

By Erin BarteskiPublished 4 years ago 1 min read

We surrender to the full Sturgeon Moon

Providing offerings and hopes in the form of manifestations

August brings memories of camp fires and laughs

Smoke fills the open air and purges our negative thoughts

In nature, we seldom feel lost

The water rushes down the stream

Taking with it anything not rooted down

Fish break the surface and disappear again

The trees breathe and we feel it too

Darkness is ever lasting but the stars light our way

The wind grabs a hold of you and doesn’t want to let go

The grass whispers with the voices of our ancestors

I shudder even in the warmth of the night

Because I still remember your lips on mine before the storm came

We walk barefoot through the moss floored forest

The last bit of summer when all things ripen

Fragrant wild mint

Blueberries ready for picking

The night seems to last an eternity

Summer is but a waking dream

After each full moon, we are cleansed

Reborn with new purpose

nature poetry

About the Creator

Erin Barteski

Fascination with the unknown

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    Erin BarteskiWritten by Erin Barteski

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