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Story of life 🛟

True lines poetry of life 🧬

By Vichaar Published about a month ago • 1 min read
Story of life 🛟
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One morning the pages of life will be cut short.

That evening of life which you had come to decorate,

She will get bored of you.

The story will end here,

Then you would also like to write a story

On these pages,

So it will not be written.

This will not be a story of centuries

This will be resolved in a few years.

And it will be written in the last pages

The lesson of this story will be that

'Live life every moment

be it happy or sad

You won't get this moment back

"When life goes away"

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of these thoughts that human has become the most important species in the world, it is these thoughts that have made man the son of God or the son of Satan, therefore whatever your thoughts may be, they are important.
I am write my thoughts

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