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Stegosaurus Serenade

Poemosaurus Rex Challenge

By Allwyn Roman WaghelaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Stegosaurus Serenade
Photo by Lucas George Wendt on Unsplash

In the twilight of the Mesozoic age,

Where ferns whispered secrets and rivers flowed,

Lived a gentle giant, armored and sage,

The Stegosaurus, with plates neatly stowed.

His back adorned with bony, kite-shaped shields,

A prehistoric symphony etched in stone,

Each plate a note, a melody that yields

To nature’s rhythm, a serenade unknown.

When the moon rose high, casting silver beams,

The Stegosaurus would sway and commence,

His tail spikes clinking like wind chimes in dreams,

A dance of ancient grace, pure eloquence.

And as the stars blinked, winking from afar,

He’d hum to the constellations above,

A lullaby for Earth, a cosmic memoir,

A love song to time, to life, to endless love.

So if you wander near a fossilized glade,

Listen closely—you might hear the refrain,

The Stegosaurus serenading the shade,

A melody echoing through epochs’ domain. 🌿🌙

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Allwyn Roman Waghela

I am a professional blogger, writing about topics such as travel, food, and lifestyle thus, showcasing my creativity and communication skills.





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Comments (4)

  • Muraliabout a month ago

    Nice work!!

  • Gloria Penelopeabout a month ago

    Wonderful poem.

  • Rowan Finley about a month ago

    Nice job!

Allwyn Roman WaghelaWritten by Allwyn Roman Waghela

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