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Stars Misaligned

Where Would We Be

By Chris ZPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read

Stars Misaligned

I remember it all

where the accent should fall

in your pretty name

I still remember your birthday.

That secondhand sofa where we laughed 'til we cried

reduced to a ghost town carriage ride.

Alive between linens

we'd waste away evenings

'cause summer skies had turned to rain

and in less than one week you'd be gone again.

Until late August, when I ambushed you with

abandonment, I can't forgive myself for it.

Hard as you cried,

I thought you wouldn't survive.

When you pressed, I confessed

to dissembling for effect

to barely getting by on trips back in time...

your healing hands on my sunburnt skin

your runway sashay, pretty in pink

the compass I drew, pointing to you

that metaphor's message never stopped ringing true.

Two kids against 2,000 miles,

star-crossed lovers under stars misaligned.

We beat those odds for a year and a half

we loved a lifetime in the time we had.

Two kids against 2,000 miles,

star-crossed lovers under stars misaligned.

We swore someday we'd bridge the distance

Where would time have taken us,

had we made good on that commitment?


About the Creator

Chris Z

My opinion column garnered more reader responses than any other contributor in the paper's 40-year run. As a stand-up comic, I performed in 16 countries & 26 states. I've written 2 one-man shows, umpteen poems, songs, essays & chronologies.

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