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Spring poetic splendor.

By Mehidi Hasan Published 7 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Diana Parkhouse on Unsplash

In the realm of blooming flowers,

Where nature awakens from its slumber,

Spring dances with grace and gentle power,

A season of wonders, love without number.

As winter's chill starts to recede,

Soft whispers of warmth embrace the air,

Nature's tapestry begins to exceed,

With vibrant hues, beyond compare.

The sun emerges, casting golden beams,

On meadows kissed by the morning dew,

Birds serenade in melodious themes,

Their songs, a symphony, both old and new.

From barren branches, buds emerge,

Unfolding secrets in every petal,

With fragrant scents, they softly urge,

A celebration of life's constant marvel.

Gentle rains caress the earth's embrace,

Nourishing soil, enriching its core,

Creating a fertile and sacred space,

Where life's abundance begins to soar.

Butterflies flutter, a delicate ballet,

As they sip nectar from blossoms fair,

Their wings, a kaleidoscope on display,

A fleeting beauty beyond compare.

Children's laughter fills the air,

As they chase dreams among the fields,

With boundless joy, devoid of care,

Their innocent spirits, springtime yields.

Love awakens in hearts anew,

As blossoms open, love's sweet reign,

Hand in hand, beneath skies so blue,

Lovers find solace in nature's domain.

Oh, Spring! Your beauty knows no bounds,

You paint the world in colors divine,

With every sight and every sound,

A masterpiece, forever in our mind.

So let us cherish this season's grace,

Embrace its gifts, both big and small,

For Spring's enchantment we must trace,

And let its beauty inspire us all.

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Mehidi Hasan

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  • A. Rose7 months ago

    Such a beautiful poem, I can almost taste spring from one word after another.

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