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Poetic Verses.

The poetic Verses.

By Mehidi Hasan Published 7 months ago 1 min read
Poetic Verses.
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In the golden hues of twilight's embrace,

Where stars emerge with gentle grace,

A poet's heart finds solace profound,

In weaving words, enchanting sound.

Across the canvas of vast expanse,

I paint a tale, a lyrical dance,

In the tapestry of verse I create,

A symphony of emotions, love innate.

With ink and pen, the world I mold,

Stories untold, waiting to unfold,

Each word a brushstroke, a vivid hue,

Breathing life to dreams both old and new.

I wander through meadows, kissed by dawn,

Where fragrant blooms upon the earth are drawn,

Their petals whisper secrets divine,

In nature's embrace, a love so fine.

In twilight's realm, where shadows roam,

I seek the essence of a poet's home,

Beneath the moon's soft and tender gaze,

I find the muse, my heart ablaze.

With every stanza, a melody takes flight,

A harmonious blend of darkness and light,

Verse by verse, I soar on wings unfurled,

Exploring the depths of this wondrous world.

Through mountains lofty and valleys low,

Through seas of tears and rivers that flow,

I navigate the labyrinth of the soul,

Seeking truths that make us whole.

In the language of poetry, I find release,

A sanctuary where my spirit finds peace,

Each line a whisper, a gentle caress,

A testament to love and tenderness.

So let us embrace the power of rhyme,

And let our words transcend the bounds of time,

For in the realm of poetry, we find,

A symphony of souls forever entwined.


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