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Spoon Chasers

Do you wake up with enough spoons?

By Austin J. KnoxPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Spoon Chasers
Photo by Raul Angel on Unsplash

When you rise at dawn's embrace, Do you find enough spoons to chase?

To capture moons in starry grace, Those distant orbs in boundless space.

Save your spoons, I'll make haste, To fetch you moons with love encased.

Bringing smiles to your face, embraced, In every cosmic orbit we'll be laced.

Comprehend the need for solitude's grace, Perhaps you're in a dim-lit, shadowed space,

Reading this book, where darkness resides, Or in your bookcase, where it quietly hides.

Or maybe, together, we'd find our own space, In shadows' embrace, our love would retrace,

Awakening desires in that intimate place, Let's not wait, my dear, but now embrace.

So, wake up, my love, don't hesitate, Let's seize the day, before it's too late, In each other's arms, we'll elevate, Our love's sweet moon, our destined fate.

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About the Creator

Austin J. Knox

Passionate writer creating tales and crafting poems | Proud father of identical twin girls | Happily married | Sharing the beauty of storytelling and the joys of family.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    Spoons! Great work! Good job! Interesting topic!

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