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RIP Hip Hop

By Soul SistahPublished 7 years ago 1 min read
Break the chains and free us from our mental enslavement! 

These rappers be in the booth claiming they spitting the truth, while they creating music that ruin that the youth, funny they how claim to inspire, albums sales going up, while number of black males being convicted getting higher.

Is this your way of inspiring others? Drug dealing music making more crack addicted sisters and brothers. Sexualizing your sisters while giving dap to your brothers. What happen to the music where we uplift one another?

Funny cause I discovered we don't own the labels or have rights to our music, yet we keep selling this trash and allowing ourselves to be used and treated like a puppet just a make a quick buck.

Tell me what's really up with this new age hip hop, everybody claiming they real, but then turn around and flip flop when the money comes. I think it's crazy how we sell out, kinda funny huh, nobody willing to admit there part in this, but always paying homage to the ones who they claim gave them their start in this.

10 years from now you'll be asked do you think you made hip hop what it is today and it'll hit you that you are the reason that a whole generations of drug addicts exist today. But will you speak or be silent, can't promote negativity then look the other way when your people get violent.

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