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By Kimberli Alisa Wong

By Kimberli Alisa WongPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Image by Stefan Kellar @Pixaby

Today I realized I had been here before,

And, searching through old notes

I found this title, over an empty page,

An unwritten poem, which proved it.

I had wanted to forget

But the universe, I guess, won’t let me.

So I remember a different man,

Another face. A previous love, I guess,

Another one who

I put before myself.

Last time, the lesson was

Knowing I couldn’t fill the

Foundation of my life with another person,

That we build our own worlds first

Or everything, everything

Comes crumbling down.

This time, it’s knowing

I am enough, that what I have built

Has worth, and value,

And wisdom, and grace.

This one wants to act like

It doesn’t matter—

But I know who I am.

I know how precious and

Forgotten it is

To search for your own pieces

When the rest of the world

Walks the line

And you climb, in ecstasy

Towards the sky.

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About the Creator

Kimberli Alisa Wong

poet. writer. actor. filmmaker.

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