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Spinning on Love


By Megan ArtusPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

The axis of the world revolves around love.

We are here because of love.

We enter this world through love.

Our purpose is to find love, to give love, to feel love.

Every single aspect of our lives is fueled by love.

Backed by it, charged with it, inspired through it.

Don't forget.

It's your reason for being.

Your reason for breathing.

The reason you have breath at all-

it's love.

Lean on it, fall in it, walk by it.

Look at the world through this lens of love,

and love is what you will find.

You'll find it in the scent on the air,

the taste on your lips,

the sounds in your ears,

the touch in your hands.

Spin with it.

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Megan Artus


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