Soy Lattes

Memoirs of Anonymous

Soy Lattes

Someone once told me:

If you don’t like the way we treat animals become a vegan.

Other people do it.

And I thought:

I could.

I could go to the grocery store and buy vegan food.

I could work extra hours to make up for it.

I could keep the garbage lid shut, so I can’t see of all the food waste we throw out.

I could make extra trips to the doctor to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients.

I could order a non-fat, non-dairy latte.

The world is full of “I coulds.”

But I can’t.

I can’t find the money.

I can’t get extra hours.

I can’t ignore the waste.

I can’t get the doctor to see me yearly, let alone monthly.

And who has the money for five dollar lattes?

social commentary
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