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The first encounter shared by soulmates

By Stephanie RosasPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by brooklyn on Unsplash

How could it be?

How could the world have gone silent,

how did the whole world stand still

to give us this moment?

We shared a brief second,

yet a lifetime passed between us.

I knew you.

I had been waiting for you,

yet I didn't know your name:

The perfect stranger.

We must have met before.

A past life, perhaps?

One glance,

and I felt immense joy and heartbreak

as if remembering a love that had ended.

I wanted to hold on to you;

I wanted to go back to a home I'd never been to.

I wanted for our story to continue.

I wanted to remember you.

I could see it in your eyes,

I could feel it in your hand,

you didn't want to let go too.

We shared one word

and a smile,

and it was as if we both knew...

My heart professed its love for you

and amongst the noise

and the chaos of the evening,

I heard your heart too.

It was as if in that instant

we knew what was to come.

Long nights we'd spend together,

and days we'd call our own.

Tears and laughter that we'd share,

and unfortunately a hurt we'd never known.

As we were pulled away

by our friends

foreshadowing the circumstances

we would one day endure,

I made you a promise you never heard:

Whether this lifetime,

or the next,

I will find you.

I'll make my way to you

knowing you're making your way to me too.

Whether destiny or fate,

I know that one day

I will find you again.


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Stephanie Rosas

just your average writer writing about stuff.

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  • Brenton F2 years ago

    I think this is one of the best things ive read this year. It has a simple elegance that is full of promise and hope! Beautiful <3

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