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Today, I'm Sad Again...

The Diary of a Crier

By Stephanie RosasPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Today, I'm Sad Again...
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My sadness feels heavier than it has been in a while. I feel the weight of my sadness directly on my chest, as if someone was pushing me down. I just want to sit. I just want to lay down. Either way, I just want to cry. Why must I always feel so sad? Why must I always end up here? Crying and not really understanding why...

I'm tired of my sadness. I'm bored of it, too. I'm tired of always finding myself back in this tiny, dark hole. I keep trying to run away from it, but I keep hearing a whisper come from it reminding me that I'm still sad. I'll stop and wonder why I'm so sad so often, but every time I attempt to dig deeper, I can't bear the hurt.

I hate myself for still being so weak. I hate myself for being so fragile. I want to be strong and move on with my life. I want to let go of all the things that broke me or took a piece of me with them. I want to push pass all the trauma and never feel hurt again... but I can't. I'm neither strong nor brave. And I know that because of it I'll always be sad again.

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