Sonnet Eight...

by Kylee Cheyanne 8 months ago in love poems


Sonnet Eight...


My mind is a troubling maze that wanders far and wide

Never knowing where the true destination lies

Carrying on as though my life means something

When in the end, it is all but nothing.

But then through my eyes, you appear

Causing all my nightmares to disappear

For your words leave me floating to a world beyond this one

Leaving my broken, shattered heart to rest, settle, be done.

But in a way that secures my frightened soul

To be more than it has ever been to a certain goal

For you have taken my heart into your own hands

Holding it with love that will forever stand.

For once was my mind a troubling maze

But now it has settled with warmth from your gaze.


love poems
Kylee Cheyanne
Kylee Cheyanne
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