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Sonnet 8

An Entry Into Randy Baker's Writing Challenge

By Steven Christopher McKnightPublished 24 days ago 1 min read
Sonnet 8
Photo by Vadim Bogulov on Unsplash

Ethereal’s the thing my mind’s eye traces,

Enigma of a ghost of memory

That dwells within a litany of places,

Wherein I’ll never go, except for thee.


The labyrinth unravels at your word,

The puzzle solves itself, though you are wordless.

To remain here’s a thing I can’t afford,

I must convince myself your ghost is worthless.


From my own ears, I cannot pry your whisper,

Which rings so yearning in my doleful head,

Velvet soft, your touch on my skin blisters,

Your lips to graze my cheeks render me dead.


My darling, please, for this baleful cascade,

I beg of you to let our nothings fade.


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Steven Christopher McKnight

Disillusioned twenty-something, future ghost of a drowned hobo, cryptid prowling abandoned operahouses, theatre scholar, prosewright, playwright, aiming to never work again.

Venmo me @MickTheKnight

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  • Rachel Deeming21 days ago

    I echo Chloe. No new words needed!

  • Novel Allen22 days ago

    If only I could make this a million times x million. But, a great poem subscribed and voted once.

  • Grz Colm22 days ago

    Excellent sonnet!! 😄

  • That last line breeds veils: "I beg of you to let your nothings fade." Well-wrought!

  • Chloe Gilholy23 days ago

    This was a great sonnet. Maybe this is why AI was too scared to insult you.

  • Paul Stewart23 days ago

    Oh my, this is beautiful and colour me stupid for not already being subscribed to you! Well done on an awesome entry to this fine challenge!

  • Gosh this was stunningly beautiful! You nailed this challenge!

  • Babs Iverson23 days ago

    Fabulous sonnet!!! Love it!!!

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