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Song of Silence

by Abigail Sire about a month ago in surreal poetry
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On Hu Fleming

Cecile Rancourt (available for purchase on Etsy)

From Architectural Immanence Dancing

Notes follow the tune –

Played, strung by the illustrious, painted fingers

D, f – on the treble

Strung on the coiling window

And its shadows as A on the bass

Stretched out to breathe through the holes

On the wrought iron fence –

Look up – look down –

Treble again –

A giant illustrating the lives

Of the staff across the sky –

Cut into the body of a Shanghai –

Curled-roof temple –

Each line with each level of roof –

Down, down to the path pilgrimages

Would take inside –

Each line dictating lower –

Lower to the top of another treble clef

Swirled up in the sky –

An ‘A’ shining over where the sun

Bursts from the pair of skyscrapers

Ending the song with silence.

surreal poetry

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Abigail Sire

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