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so i furrow my brows and keep going.

by alayna doyal 2 months ago in surreal poetry

an anadiplosis piece about being angry.

so i furrow my brows and keep going.
Photo by IsaaK Alexandre KaRslian on Unsplash

i pressed play on a movie 

this afternoon and i stepped 

into my kitchen. 

i stepped into my kitchen 

and i listened to the intro 

of the movie as it resounded 

in the living room. 

as it resounded in the 

living room, the narrator listed 

a few tragedies the audience may 

have experienced - death, disease, 

divorce - and i furrowed my brows. 

i furrowed my brows because 

i could relate to them all, 

and it made me angry. 

it made me angry because 

i thought about how little space 

to breathe i've received. 

i've received more hurdles 

than i care to jump over, 

but i keep going. 

i keep going, but sometimes 

i wish i could stop for a minute, 

but i can't, and i'm angry, 

so i furrow my brows 

and i keep going.

surreal poetry
alayna doyal
alayna doyal
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