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Smooth Operator

She's the One for Me

By Reginald Crittenden - truerealfaithPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
Smooth Operator
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I gazed across the street and beheld a sight so sweet,

A chance I took, my curiosity to meet.

With success in my mind and time not to squander,

Could she be mine, or was my vision a wander?

Nothing's free, but she waited, a beauty so divine,

I circled around her, admiring every line.

Unable to resist, I eagerly listened,

Imagining a voice that, like a kitten, softly glistened.

Taken she seemed, her allure quite smitten,

Yet, I had to try; she was one of a kind, a vision.

Surveying the surroundings for the one who possessed her,

There she sat, a figure in white fur, as exquisite as ever.

I bet when she moves, she glides with grace,

Oh, sweet things, let's embark on a thrilling chase.

Her mate, seemingly wealthy, adorned her in gold and silver,

Little did I know, such elements could make her even lovelier.

After negotiating with the man who held her close,

He hesitated, reluctant to let her go.

She'd been good to him, he claimed with pride,

But I offered a deal he couldn't brush aside.

"Don't worry," I assured, "she'll be cherished anew,

I'll shower her with love, and she'll adore me too."

Rare finds like her are gems in life's display,

So, hand me the papers; I'll drive her away.

A proud owner now, of the finest Caddy in town,

For goodness sake, I've got the best around.

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Reginald Crittenden - truerealfaith

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran5 months ago

    Awww, this was so sweet! I loved it!

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